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Nayiry's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[15 Jul 2004|10:10pm]
[ mood | excited and tired ]

so today i went to my first mariners game EVER! it was fun. i went with darren, nick, lesley and a few oher people and i didn't watch the game much but i socialized more. they won too which was cool! tomorrow i am going to port angeles which is lesley's home town. me, her, nick and darren and 2 of lesleys friends are all going and i am way excited. it is lesleys hometown and we are gonna go to the lavendar festival and go hiking, to the ocean to a cabin and all sorts of fun stuff during the entire weekend. its supposed to rain so hopefully that won't be a big problem. and ps-something is totally going on with darren and me. we talk every night so we'll see. tata

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[06 Jul 2004|11:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

"Life of David Gale" with Kevin SPacey and Kate Winslet is an awesome movie. i saw it tonight and wow.
its been a long time since ive gone to bed before 2. goodnight

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Tonight i went to the bellevue park for the fireworks show and it was spectacular. i went with my sister and some friends and we got there around 7 and hung out and ate some and we had a really good spot and the show was SOOOOOOO pretty and awesome. time to go to bed i think.
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[01 Jul 2004|10:31pm]
i saw The Notebook tonight and i absolutely loved it! it was such a romantic movie...so good..
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[24 Jun 2004|11:04pm]
I've been on summer vacation for exactly 2 weeks now and it feels great. I have been keeping myself busy with work, working out (every day now!) and doing all this RA stuff. We have to make name signs (they are called door decoration) for each person on the floor and the floor of my theme is a jungle theme and my door
decorations are of course just SO time consuming because i'm just one of those people who has to make everyhing my best work and cvomplicated. So we are supposed to do those thing during RA training, but im doing them over the summer. Also, wow I have a sotry for all of you! okay well to preface this story, for the
past couple of weeks, my family has been hearing this noise coming from inside of the wall. it sounded like something moving around in there, but we knew it wasn't mice because the sound was coming from one constant location in the wall. well a few days ago, we were sitting outside in the yard, and we saw bees coming in and out of the roof, in the same location where he sound was coming from, so we figured there must be some bee hive in the wall! OKay so two nights
ago, my whole family was sleeping and i was online talking to friends. I went downstairs at 1230 am to get something and I heard this really loud buzzing noise and I looked up to find about 20 bees flying around the kitchen! I didn't know what to do so i ran up and woke up mom and dad. They both came downstairs and we were terying to figure out where the bees had entered our house from. after looking around for a bit, we saw that the bees had made a hole in the
celingand thats where they were coming in and out of the kitchen from. okay we were like "we can kill the bees that have already come out, but we have to some way stop other bees from coming out of their hive and into our house!" so my dad got this clear plastic bowl and push pinned it to the celieing. well, instsantly, about 30 bees started buzzing out of the ther little hole and into
the bowl. my dad then was regretful, because he thought he should have put some bleach or something into the bow lwhich would have killed the bees. so he had this genius idea to take a plastic bag and slide it through the area between the celiing and the bowl, and then the bowl and all the bees would be in this bag. Well, so my mom and dad were up on a chair doing all of this, well all of
a sudden, about 150 bees attacked!! they were so angry and buzzing everywhere in the kitchen and dining area and they stung my dad everywhere and my mom got stung a couple times and i was just standing far away so i didn't get stung. So can you all imagine abour 200 bees just fying around and buzzing like crazy in
your houswe??? well yeah! thats whathappened! so we were freaking out and screaming (this is at like 2 am) and my sister came down, just woken up from her sleep and she was SO confused. so anyways, basically for the next couple of house, my family and I swatted bees and eventually, there were a whole bunch of dead bees lying every where! we cleaned them up. At this point, the one tiny
hole was made into a much bigger one. my dad put another plastic bowl and this time with bleach in it. About 50 more bees came out, fell into the bleach and died, butthe rest were too smart and are still in their hive, happily buzzing around. its cool though, because if you look in the hole which they have made, you can totally see their honey comb! We need to get an exterminator and figure out what to do, but that night was one crazy and interesting and just overall, VERY bizarre night!!!!!! luckily no one got hurt and no one was allergic! I went to bed at about 4 a, and I had bee nightmares the whole night and I remember waking up at one point and seeing a huge group of bees right in front of my face and I said "OH MY GOD!" but then i looked closer and there was
nothing there. so i was totally imagining the bees in front of my face. haha so that was just a funny event!
besides that, not too much. Im going to Bainbridge Isalnd this weekend to darren and nick. tata!
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[22 Jun 2004|02:19pm]
hmmm lets seee....the weather has been so nice for like more than a weeeeeeeek! i think if it continues to be this hot for like a week more, i'll get tired of it. i just like it, cuz i like to wear skirts :) so anyways, nothing really interesting..im not scheduled to work in june, so i have just been working if people need me as subs, which has been a lot, but this week i have no work, so i dont have anything to do really, cept hang out. this saturday, i am going over to bainbridge island to visit darren and probably other friends as well, so that should be fun! yesterday i went and visited tiffany at the UW. im so glad im nt taking summer classes! yay for no school!
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[18 Jun 2004|01:03am]
wow there is crazy thunder and lightening and its doing it like every minute. also, i am itching like crazy from a sun rash or something and im totally awake and bored cuz everyone in my house is sleeping. i wanna sleeeeeeeeeeep, but cant :(
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[17 Jun 2004|08:01pm]
wow the worlds cutest dog just entered my house. my sister is babysitting and they brought the kids dog over and its an 8 week old bison frise (i dont know how its spelled) bu oh my, cute! today was insanely busy at work and now i am just really hungry!! byebye
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[14 Jun 2004|09:57pm]
there are 2 things i want right now:
1. pink and black von dutch hat
2. this ring from Tiffany & Co.
...too bad i don't have a birthday or christmas coming up anytime soon :(
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[14 May 2004|06:15pm]
Hi. My friend is debating between taking CHID 110 and C Lit 320 (European Lit). The professor for C Lit is Crnkovic and the professor for CHID 110 is Merrell. If anyone has taken any of these classes, she would REALLLYY appeciate any feedback on the work load, interest level, anything, cuz she has no idea. Thank you so much!
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[14 May 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I am going nuts!!!! today is the day when we will finally find out whos gonna be an RA. we're supposed to get an email sometime today and i am getting to anxious and checking my mail obsessively........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna know now! today im going to golden gardens with friends and then tomorrow i am doing relay for life. fun weekend :) oh and i also got 100 on my last organic chem midterm! okay bye

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[16 Apr 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | determined ]

goals for this quarter:
4.0 in speech
4.0 in english
3.5 in o chem
3.5 in lab
start volunteering on a regualr basis
talk to counselor about foreign language
keep on working out
apply for research/internship for next year

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[14 Apr 2004|10:42am]
[ mood | good ]

wow i haven't updated in a really long time. not much to talk about. lets seeeee....2 weekends ago, i drove to spokane with patricias mom and brother to visit her at her college! it was fun and the drive wasn''t bad at all. it was a totally different atmosphere at whitworth compared to the UW. i mean they didn't even lock their doors EVER! hehe so that was interesting to me :) we went to a luau which was really well put together and then that sunday we went to patricias concert for chior and they sang really prettily. last weekend, i babysat from friday at 230 till sunday night at around 830. ive never done so much laundry as i did that weekend. it was fun tho. its hard taking care of three girls, but i still enjoyed it. i had to set up their scavenger easter bunny hunt thing and since kinds like to wake up early for no reason, i was woken up at 645 so hunt for easter eggs. anyways, this quarter is going really well so far. im totally on top of things as of now. i haven't had a test yet or anything, but i have one this friday in o chem. i like english, lots of reading but i enjoy it. my ra class is unlike any other college class i will ever take. there is work involved with it, but its a fun class. chem lab is just lab, nt much to say...kinda stressful. o chem lecture is a lot better this quarter since my teacher actually knows how to teach and my speech and hearing class is pretty good. Im reallydetermined to do so well this quarter. yesterday i went to a premed meeting. it was led my the UW med school dean of admissions. he gave us some really good statistics, like last year, out of the 233 applicants just from the UW, only 32 got accepted. also, 870 total peopel made it tot he interview part and 178 total people were accepted for last year. it just opened up my eyes. i just am dreaming of the day wheni can open up an acceptance letter to the UW med school (or any other medical school for that matter). That is what all my work is working towards right now. It will seriosul be the happiest day of my life up till then. i also realized that i need to read the newspaper because during the interview, a bg part of it is current health issues. I just feel like i live under a rock and don't know anything else that happens outside of my classes. i don't even know what is going on with my school. I need to start reading our daily newspaper, and most importantly, the new york times or something, not just for med school, but because i need to be informed about important things, like who is running for president and stuff....
anyways, i painted my nails, wore my cute little pink shirt, have a ribbon in my hair and im ready for class. ciao :)
oh and i had a donut and carmel latte this morning for breakfast. unhealthy, but yummy :)

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[29 Mar 2004|09:10am]
[ mood | good ]

i can honestly say that spring break in san antonio, texas was one of the best weeks of my life. WHen we got there on sunday, all 15 of us clicked right away. it seemed like i had known those people forever and not just for a few hours. Our group leader, Sam, who was from dc was just amazing and so funny. on sunday, sam and i went to a really good mexican restaurant with some friends that sam has in texas. on monday, our group went downtown and we saw the alamo and we went to El Mercado which was just the cutest market with so many stores. i bought a cowboy hat and a bracelet. on tuesday, we went to Rudy's for dinner, which is a barbeque place which was on the Food Channel for being the best bbq place in the country. on wednesday, we had people over for idnner and then we went to a cowboy dance hall. I rode the mechanical bull which was so much fun. and of course, we danced. On thursday, we went to the Spurs vs. pistons game. it was an awesome game. really close, but spurs won. on friday, we went downtown again and had dinner at a mexican restaurant, and then went on the riverwalk. then finally on saturday, we went to the zoo and to the botnaical gardens which was just beautiful. then we all had to say our sad goodbye's and i got back saturday night at 10. tuesday-friday we were at the worksite from 8-330 and it was just so rewarding. we were so productive. we put up the roof and installed windowns, put in insulation, and just did so much. the homeowners were there too so it was so rewarding and nice to work with them. also, the weather was cloudy all week, but now that i think of it, i am thankful, cuz it would have been hard to work in the blazing sun for 8 hours a day. so anyways, in conclusion, i just had the best week, met so many cool people and just had an overall fabulous time. i was sad to see it end, but everything does.
now back to school, my first class of the quarter is gonna start in about 2 hours. ive been up since 7 tho becayse for some reasson i wasn't tired at all. im ready for a new quarter and im really pumped to do a lot better than i did last quarter. i wish i could just take last quarter off my transcript. yeah thatd be nice. alright, enough rambling. toodles.

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[20 Mar 2004|10:29pm]
[ mood | excited ]

im leaving for texas at 6 am, which means i have to be up by 3, leave the house by 4 and im not even done packing yet!!!!!!! break has been good so far. i have done lotssss of shopping and i think i filled up my shopping craving pretty well. besdies that, nothing. i should probably go pack consdiering i have to be out of the house in 5.5 hours and i should probably throw some sleep in there too. nite

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[18 Mar 2004|11:05am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

wow i haven't updated in a lonnnnggggg time. This past week, there was literally nothing to update about because ALL i did was study. Now i am done with winter quarter and it really feels nice. Im already looking forward to next quarter and just starting fresh. i love quarter system. so now im on spring break, and im stranded at home because my sister has one car at school and my mom and dad are both at work with the other cars, so yeah i have nothing to do. i think ill watch sometv, cuz i never do during school. hmmmm, so lets see. something realllyyyyyyyy bad. sams dad. about a month ago, he came here to visit. he ended up leaving earlier than scheduled because he got really sick. when he got back to vegas, he had to go to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing. they found out he had pnemonia. After doing some more tests, they found out he had a growth. so that was really hard. its really hard when your best freidn calls you crying so hard and you feel like you can't do or say ANYTHING to make them feel better. so then a few days after that, after they had done more tests, they found out he had liver and pancreatic cancer. She called me, told me, and then instantly started crying. so i was just like "okay im coming over." i went over and stayed there for a little bit. SO now sams is in vegas, she is taking next quarter off to be down there with her dad. I am praying and praying but the only hting we can do now is be positive and hope. That kind of stufy really makes me put things into perspective. I mean i barely ever have bad days, or im rarely in a bad mood, and i know that once in a while its okay to be, but that kind of stuff jusr makes me realize that some things really aren't important in the long run. so thats some news. bad news.
i went and saw Jet City Improv yesterday at IHS. It was SO funny. I had never seen them before and i absolutely loved it. it was weird tho, because my sistr wanted me to go with her but she had to go to a cheer meeting before it, so i went with taylor, and it was just weird being back at my high school, with my high school boyfriend and without my sister. but it was still really fun. today and tomorrow, i wanna go shopping so badly. i have had a mall withdrawl for like a month so i need to fix that.
in other news, i had developed a caffeine addiction or something and its eally bad. I made a vowe to myself that i woudln't drink any over break unless it wasp urely for leisurely purposes and not for staying awake. just this last past month of the qaurter where i have had test after test, i started drnking lots of caffeine. and then this past weeek of studyin for finals, i had at least 2 vente drinks a day. that is crazy and i felt like i couldn't study unless i had some. sooooo, i need to stop!
sam and i are going to texas on sunday and i am so excited. ive never done something before so im just really looking forward to the experience, and opefully ill get tan! that is all folks. i hope everyone had/will have a wonderful spring break. Relax be safe and enjoy!!

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[02 Mar 2004|06:34pm]
i registered exactly a week ago cuz i have junior standing and since a lot of peopel are posting their schedules, i will too :) i love my schedule!
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[02 Mar 2004|12:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i think im going to cry. seriously. bad day....
i got my o-chem test back today and i did worst than i have ever done on ANYTHING. also, after bio today, i was walking down the stairs from kane and i totally fell..totally...and also, during bio, my cell phone went off and everyone looked at me. i dont even know who the person that called me was because all it said was "no number" and they called me twice. now for some good crying..i actually have to sit through 4 hours of biology lecture videos. something else to be sad about............

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[02 Mar 2004|06:59am]
[ mood | awake ]

last night was the first night in a REALLY long time that i got 8 hours of sleep on a school night. it feels nice :)

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[01 Mar 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

2 trips i am excited for:
-spring break in San Antonio, Texas
-visiting patricia in spokane the first week of april
woah i just realixed thats 2 trips in within like 2 weeks!

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